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A Lawyer Who Serves On A Board Will Provide Your Clients With The Best Service

In an earlier blog post, we wrote about how a nominal difference in cost for an experienced real estate attorney compared to a greener one would likely result in a stress-free sale. Among the reasons, an attorney with a proven track record can provide a broader scope of services and firmly understand contract terms and conditions that allow them to negotiate on your client’s behalf.

Why stop there with the differentiators? What further separates real estate lawyers from the pack is their industry leadership, notably the legal boards on which they sit.

Below we discuss how lawyers serving on the boards of directors for the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association (IRELA) and the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) can provide your clients with the best service.

Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association

IRELA comprises experienced lawyers committed to assisting people and businesses in connection with real estate transactions of all types.

The Benefits of Working with An Attorney Who’s an IRELA Board Member

Attorneys who are most informed will best serve your clients. What distinguishes IRELA board members is that they are on the front lines of legislation affecting real estate law and have access to information before it reaches other lawyers.

For instance, members are in constant communication with legislators and the state Supreme Court about real estate issues concerning whether or not title work should be supervised more by the legislature or the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, updates on the unauthorized practice of law, and the latest revision to contracts available to the entire state instead of just the northern half of the state, and whether or not the use of an attorney is optional.

Illinois State Bar Association

ISBA is the leading legal association in Illinois that proposes and shapes legislation, educates the public, and supports the courts and the rule of the law. Whereas IRELA is for transactional real estate lawyers only, ISBA covers all practice areas but then organizes according to practice areas.

The Benefits of Working with An Attorney Who’s an ISBA Board Member

Within the organization, there are section councils representing different areas of the law that are made up of attorneys who are renown for the work they do. One of these is real estate law, and this section council is divided into specialties, such as condominium, eviction, and zoning lawyers, not just transactional lawyers.

Section councils advise and educate attorneys, providing practice area information, continuing legal education, and forums for professional discussion. They also review proposed legislation and advise on whether legislation should be approved, modified, or not passed by the legislature.

If an attorney is a member of this section council, the fact that they have knowledge of laws that will impact your clients long before the general public makes them ones you want representing your client.

The Inside Track

Board members can stay ahead and zig and zag faster than lawyers who are waiting to be informed until journal articles are published or until they have the time to read the stacks of cases that hit their desks.

Knowledge is power, right? Attaining that knowledge faster than the field is not only advantageous to us attorneys but to your clients as well.

The Minchella & Associates Difference

Erica Minchella sits on the board of directors of the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association and the Illinois State Bar Association Real Estate Law Section Council. She has more than 40 years of experience in Illinois real estate law and is ready to help your clients. Get started by scheduling a consultation today.

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