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Practice Areas

Real Estate Closings.png
Minchella & Associates has conducted thousands of real estate closings on all kinds of properties from single family homes to condominiums and multi-family homes.



Real Estate Closings



Foreclosure Defense.png
 Have you fallen behind on your mortgage and you are unsure if the information your lender is providing you is accurate? Erica Crohn Minchella is a foreclosure attorney with more than 11 years experience.  


Foreclosure Defense



Are you facing foreclosure and searching for an alternative to being foreclosed upon? Contact the short sale attorneys at Minchella & Associates. Our firm has more than 37 years of legal experience. 


Short Sales



Commercial - Property.png
Commercial  Property



Minchella & Associates are experience commercial real estate attorneys. From representing owners of strip malls and other commercial property to advising buyers of investment property, to reviewing commercial leases, M&A has over thirty-five years of experience.




Landlord-Tenant Law.png
We are currently NOT taking Landlord Tenant cases. If you are in need of a reference please EMAIL us and we will get you to the proper attorney.



Landlord-Tenant Law



Real Estate Litigation.png
Real Estate Litigation



Litigation of real estate disputes often arises in foreclosure defense, breach of contract, partition suits, fraud and lawsuits to quiet title. Contact Minchella & Associates for experienced litigation representation.


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